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To me, the career is a lifetime journey, during which we gather new experiences and develop ourselves. Each followed path, each person we meet are stops along our journey. And there will be many stops. Some will be extraordinary learning experiences, while other will even be places we will never want to leave. Of course, some of them will be real challenges, but challenges that will help us become even better.

My mission is to accompany people during their journey to a successful career that will allow them to feel complete. To help them make informed decisions regarding their professional lives, not just for the present time, but to also equip them with the resources required to make decisions throughout their professional journey and thus achieve a fulfilled life.

I work with individuals and with companies

I have 20 years of HR experience, years that have provided me with the opportunity to sit on both sides of a desk. I have experienced the frustration and uncertainty of a career transition or of looking for a job, but also the satisfaction of a successful career and an accomplished life. I can also look at things through the eyes of the employer, I have managed HR departments and I was responsible for strategic HR planning, recruiting talent, development plans, organizational restructures or transformations and employee relations.

I’ve studied Psychology and organizational behavior and I have graduated from the Global Career Development Facilitator certification program, a program developed by the CCE – Center for Credentialing and Education.
I believe in authenticity, open communication, support and respect for people.

Personal and professional fulfillment means more than setting a destination. Personal and professional fulfillment requires a motive, a direction and a purpose that, in their turn, require commitment not only to the destination but also to the journey. Not everyone is willing to give up their comfort zone and start on a journey with many yet unknown aspects, but nevertheless a journey you need to take in order to truly find fulfillment

If you got this far, I guess you are a person starting on that journey.

Fondly, Dana
Your Career Partner

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