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Choosing a career is one of the toughest decisions we make in life. Most of the time, decisions around choosing or changing a job trouble us, they generate questions and cast doubts.

You want something more for your career. That is very good! You deserve a successful career! Maybe you don’t know how to start or maybe you have an idea of what you want, but you need to fully understand how to make the most appropriate changes.
Choosing a career and making the right changes for it, finding satisfaction and professional fulfillment are sometimes hard to achieve without a clear direction and the right support.

With my help, you will be able to analyze your qualities, passions, interests, beliefs, values and inner resources in order to make career changes, to give an extra spark to your professional path. This way, I am positive, you will achieve a balance between your job and everything else your life is about.

  • Where could I go?
  • I no longer like my current job, but what else could I do?
  • I feel stuck and I no longer get any challenges…
  • I work so hard, I am stressed and I’m also not doing well at all on a personal level…
  • I feel the need for a change…

Career development

One’s career is a unique journey, a journey that unfolds according to the choices every one of us makes. It is a dynamic experience that spans our whole life and integrates our professional role with the other roles we play in our family, in our community and our personal time.

Career development is a permanent process and involves learning, self-discovery, development, decisions, planning. During this process, there are moments that mark changes and some of us need help in exploring and finding answers related to the direction we’re following, the gaining of new skills to improve our professional potential, personal development, opportunities to be promoted, a better promotion of our personal brand, enhanced satisfaction related to our work.

Career counselling

The end goal of a counselling process is not to help you make decisions only for the present time, but to equip you with the resources required to make informed decisions throughout your life.

A service that you require if you find yourself in a situation when you need to make a career decision or you seek to improve your professional life.

It’s a process that will help you get to know and understand yourself better, see what are the factors that may influence your career, become aware of the social and economic context you operate in and review your interests, values and skills in order to make informed decisions about your job, education and life in general.

The framework for our meetings will be clearly regulated and defined and my support for achieving career changes starts from the establishment of an authentic support relationship. This entails exploring and understanding needs, interests, values, motivations and your personality and continues with career options explorations, setting an actions plan to lead you towards achieving the set objectives. It also entails identifying all resources available to you as well any potential obstacles and barriers that may prevent you from achieving what you’ve set out to do.

Regardless of the professional changes you are interested in making, the stages of the counselling processes follow a structure that features:

– Reviewing the needs and self-knowledge that may be explored through questions, exercises, tests, individual assignments, personality invention
– Reviewing the context you operate in and the opportunities it provides
– Identifying and reviewing the opportunities and the decision related to the long/short term options
– Setting individual objectives and an action plan to take you towards the desired change.

The final objective of the process is change.

Change doesn’t just come naturally. It requires effort and commitment from you! I will not be able to tell you what changes to make or what job will suit you, as you are the one that knows yourself best and the architect of your own life. However, I will be your partner during the process and through questions, exercises, reflection, encouragements, inspirations, challenges and the strength of the relationship we will build, you will become self-aware. You will find the right answers, you will be motivated to set objectives for yourself and to make changes in your life.

I would like for you to understand that the counselling process is not a recruitment process for your benefit and it also is not an outplacement process. Your objective may be changing job and during our meeting we can work towards that, but you also need to consider the opportunities available on the labor market that may not support change.

Although I’ve graduated from Psychology, I do not perform therapeutic interventions. I can however refer you to a certified individual, if I consider this to be the case.

It’s up to you, your needs and how far along you currently are in your career journey.

For instance, should you be seeking a professional change and not be sure where to start, the whole process may feature 4-5 sessions during which:
– We clarify and prioritize your needs and career objectives
– We look at who you are, what are you good at, what competencies you’ve developed so far, what are your interests and talents, what motivates you and what is important to you (we will use tests, questionnaires, exercises or homework)
– We review your professional activity and we identify the transferable skills you may use in various professional fields of interest
– We explore available career options, along with their costs, risks and advantages
– We develop an action plan featuring the steps to be followed towards the desired outcome and to overcome any obstacles you may come up against
– We follow-up (we get in touch regularly to see how you’ve progressed against your plans and if there any adjustments required in order to reach your objective.

Should you only be interested in exploring options available based on the review of your personal and professional profile, followed by you setting yourself the steps to follow in achieving change, 2 or 3 sessions are enough.

For specific changes in various areas of your career- like creating a development plan at your current job, how to get a promotion, how to make a positive change in your behavior in order to increase your professional efficiency etc., 1 or 2 sessions may be enough.

The career counselling service helps you:

  • Get more information and head towards a role or a career when you don’t know where to start and how to do it
  • Develop confidence when making a career decision
  • Build strategies when looking for a job
  • Get to know your potential and development areas
  • Develop your professional brand
  • Develop job adaptation strategies
  • Identify professional development opportunities at your current job
  • Develop strategies for professional self-improvement
  • Make positive behavioral changes: improved listening, feedback, relaxation, conflict management, improved organizing etc.
  • Reduce the level of occupational stress
  • Improve work satisfaction and find meaning and purpose at any time in your career.

225 RON / 1 – 3 sessions

200 RON/ 4+ sessions

* The services may be customized according to your needs.
* Services can be rendered face to face, by phone or through Skype.

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