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Recruitment is a very important process for a company and speaks loudly about its performance and professionalism. An effective recruitment process is about employing a person with the knowledge, skills and attitude that the company actually requires.

Recruitment decisions may have a major long lasting effect on the future performance of an organization. If made correctly, new starters have a chance to become a source of professional excellence and role models that all colleagues may strive to imitate. If not properly taken, they generate long term repercussions, generate high costs and negative effects on the morale of the other employees.

  • The company seeks to attract the right people for the right roles?
  • The company seeks to employ the best people?

This workshop provides team managers or recruiters with a structured interviewing process to improve their interviewing skills and helping them make the best hiring decisions.

It is a flexible program, customized according to the specific needs of the organization and the field it operates in.

Organization level benefits:

  • Reduced staff turnover and reduced time, financial and people resources required to replace those that leave following poor recruitment choices
  • Increased employee retention by attracting to the company people that are motivated and interested in building a long term career
  • Increased productivity by selecting the best candidates that have the knowledge, skills and attitude required in order to successfully delivering in the role
  • Increased confidence level in the own interviewing skills of employees involved in the recruitment process
  • A consistent and structured recruitment process that provides the interviewers with the same standards of reviewing candidates.

According to their needs, employees learn how to:

  • Identify the requirements of the position they are recruiting for

  • Use various search channels and ways to attract applicants

  • Get ready for the interview and develop questions through which they can assess the skills of the candidates

  • Develop a structured process around the behavioral interview

  • Practice interviewing techniques through role plays

  • Review candidates competencies and their level of job match

  • Establish an effective communication relationship with the applicants

  • Negotiate a hiring offer

  • Come across as true professionals and promote the employer branding

  • Identify solutions for a successful on boarding process.

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