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A successful interview has 3 main ingredients: confidence, preparation and practice.

During a successful interview you need to prove yourself to be outstanding and convince the employer that you are the person they’re after. You are there to prove that you have the required competencies for the job you’re applying for, to make people believe in your achievements, knowledge and attitude, to show that you are a match with the company’s people and culture. Finally, it is about how well you can answer the unspoken question “Why you?”

If you know what job you’re after, but you’ve lost self-confidence after multiple unsuccessful interviews or if you want to be better prepared for your next interview, this service provides you with the opportunity to convince the potential employer of your advantages in a competitive market.

The service allows you to practice, evaluate and develop your interview presentation skills in an environment similar to that of an actual interview. I will ask you questions addressing how well you know yourself and your professional experience, how familiar are with the field you are targeting and how well you master the knowledge and information featured in your CV. You will get the most out of this service if you treat the simulation as a real interview. During the exercise you will receive constructive feedback related to your presentation style, the way in which you answered questions and what you need to improve.

The service includes

  • A 30 minutes phone session for collecting information related to the professional status and the targeted job
  • A 90 minutes face to face/Skype interview session and feedback related to the presentation method and the way you answered questions
  • Questions specific for the role you are applying for
  • Role play
  • Suggestions to improve interview presentation skills

Interview preparation helps you

  • Demonstrate confidence and improve interview presentation skills
  • Become aware of the body language impact in creating a first impression during the interview
  • Learn what the competency-based interview is and how to effectively answer the questions of the interviewer
  • Identify the competencies and professional achievements indicating that you are the professional best suited for the job advertised by the employer
  • Effectively explain the more sensitive aspects of your CV
  • Effectively connect with the interviewer and answer the difficult questions he/she may ask
  • Structure and present your salary expectations
  • Clarify any queries related to the interview
  • Get an opinion on how you’ve done through phone follow-up with me after the actual interview

550 RON

* The services may be customized according to your needs.
* Services can be rendered face to face, by phone or through Skype.

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