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A reality each company has to face is that some employees choose to leave and other need to replace them. Some of them leave due to changes in their personal life, while others because they are unhappy with their job.

To find out why, organizations need to be proactive and not wait to speak to an employee until the moment she/he leaves. What keeps current employees with the company? In the ongoing war for talent, this service is an effective way to hold on to valuable employees.

Following the Stay interview, the company identifies the satisfaction level of employees and the factors that get them to stay and work at full potential in order for their professional fulfillment and towards reaching the company objectives.

The company is interested in reducing staff turnover?
The company seeks to retain its valuable people?

Stay interview benefits:

  • Improved engagement levels and the possibility to receive feedback concerning what goes well and what could be improved in the company
  • Identifying employees at risk of leaving and ways to retain them
  • Reduced staff turnover and reduced financial, time and people costs associated with the replacement of those that leave
  • Improved satisfactions and confidence level for the employees as they understand that they are important to the company.
  • Providing support in building a career partnership within the organization.

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