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I am Dana Haapaniemi, I graduated from Psychology and master program in Organizational Psychology and I have a train the trainer certification. I followed a career counselling certification program and I gained significant experience in HR management. I invite you to continue your career journey at my side!

In my 20 years of HR experience, I have coordinated departments, I developed teams, I conducted thousands of interviews, I hired hundreds of people and I carefully monitored their path in the organization. I’ve seen how, for some of them, the job became a significant source of satisfaction and fulfillment. I have also come across dissatisfied individuals, for whom going to work was a burden, people that were stressed, tensed and hard on themselves and the others as part of their relationships with their colleagues, manager, family or friends.
I’ve also worked in companies that underwent restructure, reorganization or transformation, processes that, for some of the staff, led to the need of identifying a new job or a radical career change.  I’ve witnessed people that deemed their merits and effort underappreciated and left, valuable people that wanted something other than what the company was able to offer them at the time. In some situations, this change was not for the better, as the decision to seek for something else had been made on impulse, without a clear and specific image of what they actually wanted for their career and personal life.

The final objective of a career counseling process is change. It is helping you make informed decisions not just for here & now, but to equip you with the resources required to make decisions throughout your life.

I am aware that career changes can pose a real challenge and that they can generate uncertainty, anxiety or lack of self-confidence. Thus, one needs to support them with an organized and carefully executed preparation process.

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With the help of your career counsellor, you will get to know yourself better, you will understand the factors that influence your career and you will find the necessary resources to make the changes you seek and bring an extra spark to your career.

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Upon starting the sessions, the questions around how suited for me the sector I worked in still was had been lingering for some time, also given my diverse interests and constant curiosity. Also, I was always looking with a critical eye at the steps I took along my professional journey.
My sessions with Dana not only helped me eliminate the uncertainty related to these aspects, but also look at my own experience from a more objective perspective. The sessions helped me take the necessary measures without facing the pressure we are tempted to place upon ourselves and with the level of optimism required for the actions discussed to generate effects. And, maybe most importantly, Dana helped me not just on a professional, but also on a personal level, to more objectively identify my strengths and weaknesses, the skills and abilities at my disposal and how to best highlight them.
Alina J, Communication Consultant
The experience of working with Dana has been extraordinary, my first of this kind and a surprise in itself as I did not expect it to change and help me to the extent it has. The conversations we had provided me with a fresh perspective on the direction I want to pursue from a professional point of view; they’ve helped me realize what the important things are for me in my career and in my life in general and how to set a list of priorities. At the same time, I managed to become aware of my advantages, skills, but also weaknesses and to find concrete steps I needed to take in order to build the career that I want. Dana is a very open and warm person as well as an excelled professional who helped me find my own path, provided me with the help I required, honest opinions at all times, very useful advice and tangible support during the sessions and after them. Our time together has been about self-discovery, enhanced information and support.
Silvia Barbu, Purchasing Specialist

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