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Company employees are its most important ambassadors. In a competitive economic environment marked by challenges and the continuous need to change, organizations may have to give up some of their employees. It’s not an easy decision to make, but, once made, it requires a lot of planning, careful communication and ensuring support for the restructured employees.
The restructuring process is reflected in the way in which a company treats and respects its people, regardless if we’re speaking about leaving or staying employees.

Outplacement services provide support and guidance to employees that are laid-off and/or to those in need of support during the transition process. They are customized services within the budgets of the organizations and meet the needs of the employees. The outplacement program can be offered both at individual and group level.

  • The company is going through a significant change process and a reduction in the number of employees is forecasted?
  • Do you need to prepare a support plan for employees about to be restructured?

The outplacement program can be offered both at individual and group level

Company benefits

  • Transparent communication and respectful treatment of the employees
  • Upholding the company reputation and reducing the negative social impact
  • Supporting morale, engagement and retention of current employees
  • Reduction of the litigations risks in relation with the laid-off employees through the support provided during the transition process.

Employee benefits

  • Reduced negative emotions generated by the lay-offs program
  • Customized counselling and support during the career transition process in order for them to achieve their professional objectives as soon as possible
  • A tangible action plan featuring the steps to follow in order to find a new job
  • Active search of new professional opportunities and consistent support provided to the employee

Outplacement programs include

  • Identifying skills, interests, competencies and professional achievements by means of using specific tests, personality questionnaires, interviews
  • Identifying fields of activity compatible with the people undergoing a lay-off process

  • Preparing the materials required for finding a job and job searching techniques: CV, letter of intent, LinkedIn profile, information about the labor market, jobs sources, networking methods

  • Interview preparation: developing interview presentation skills, role plays on how to best answer the recruiter’s questions, interview related stress reduction techniques

  • References: presentation to potential employers, referrals

  • Negotiation: support provided to the employee in reviewing alternatives and negotiating a job offer

  • Consistent support during the outplacement process and up to 6 months post new job start date Group level outplacement programs also include workshops

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