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Within organizations, career development is currently seen as a partnership with the employee and represents a key component of the attraction and retention strategy. A significant part of the employees are interested in a company to the extent in which they deem career development as a fundamental component of the organizational culture.

The organization consider career by looking at the skills and knowledge needed in order to reach objectives, whereas the employee reviews its own skills and qualifications for his/her current and future career.

Building career development plans needs to consider two aspects: the business plan and the professional path of the employees. Of course, organizations also look at the direction and the strategic objectives when reviewing employees’ competencies, but, at the same time, it is absolutely necessary to consider the motivation of each employee to succeed professionally.

  • How can I help my employees make full use of their potential?
  • The company is interested in developing employees and increasing professional satisfaction?
  • The company seeks to develop a long term partnership with its employees?

Career development therefore becomes the field in which company and employee objectives meet, by building a professional path that will help each person see the internal development opportunities and by collecting information about the knowledge and skills required in order to do so.

Employees appreciate the development and/or promotion opportunities. When employees see that the organization they are part of encourages career development, they feel more confident about their professional path, they are more interested in staying with the company for a longer time and are dedicated to their work.

Whether it is aligning individual and company objectives, increasing engagement or retention level or enhancing the performance management system, development programs are adapted to the needs and specifics of the company and are also adapted at individual and group level.

Career development plans benefits

  • Organizational and personal objectives alignment
  • Enhanced satisfaction and engagement
  • Encouraging employees to take ownership of their own career
  • Support in the deployment of the talented employees management programs
  • Increased employee retention
  • Development of internal career plans
  • Support in the effective operation of the performance management system.

As part of career development plans, employees

  • Learn various career approaches

  • Take ownership for their own career development

  • Develop a professional path matching their interests, skills and personality

  • Review transferable skills and career options

  • Build short and long term career objectives

  • Identify options to reach their objectives

  • Identify potential career barriers and obstacles and find solutions to overcome them

  • Become motivated to initiate career development conversations with their line manager

  • Are inspired to start acting in order to achieve professional satisfaction.

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